Household insurance

Every object in your house has a personal value for you – but also a financial value. With the household insurance, you can secure these objects.

A fire or leaking tap water can damage not only your house but also pieces of furniture. An affordable household insurance covers the things you love.

The insurances can cover:

  • your household contents against a variety of different risks.
  • fire, detonation, explosion, implosion, deflagration
  • lightning strike, overvoltage damage due to lightning or lightning strike
  • burglary and robbery, vandalism (intentional damage to property) after a break-in
  • damage caused by tap water escaping inappropriately, also from washing machines and dishwashers as well as water beds and aquariums
  • storm (from wind force 8 and more) and hail impact or crash of manned and unmanned aircraft, their parts or their cargo
  • impact of a rail, water or road vehicle

Additional or included benefits in some household insurances

  • theft of garden furniture, equipment and other garden inventory (e.g. gas, electric or charcoal grill)
  • theft of linen/clothes for washing, drying, bleaching or ventilation outdoors
  • theft of washing machines and tumble dryers, e.g. from the washing cellar
  • theft from hospital rooms during a hospital, rehabilitation, sanatorium or spa stay
  • damage to frozen and deep-frozen goods caused by a power failure
  • damage to your laundry caused by a technical defect in the washing machine
  • damage to household effects inside the home caused by certain wild animals (e.g. wild boars)
  • damage caused by water leaking from internal rainwater downpipes
  • financial losses due to misuse of check, credit or customer cards lost due to burglary or robbery
  • pecuniary loss through phishing in online banking
  • costs for the removal of damage caused by vandalism after a break-in into the insured home
  • cleaning and disposal costs for destroyed household items
  • data recovery costs up to 1.000 €
  • repair costs for locks, doors, windows and roller shutters
  • costs for temporary measures to lock your apartment
  • security costs for up to 14 days
  • return travel costs if you have to interrupt a holiday trip prematurely due to a substantial insured event
  • telephone costs due to telephone abuse after a break-in
  • relocation costs if the apartment will remain uninhabitable
  • costs for the storage of your household goods for up to one year, including transportation costs
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