About us

We have been operating in the German and Polish markets since 2015. During this time, we have helped to relocate our clients from over 60 different countries, gaining valuable experience along the way. We can handle the complex situations associated with this process and competently overcome administrative hurdles. We are familiar with the German and Polish consular procedures abroad and know how to deal with the local authorities. Our services will make your relocation a smooth experience.

Jakob Sandach


Jakob started the company in 2015, together with his team he has helped expats from all over the world get settled. He manages the offices in Poland and Germany and acts as a bridge between all people involved in the relocation process.

Ask Jakob about: Proposals, main information about the services, cooperations and partnerships.

Nele Rescheleit

Senior Relocation Consultant

Nele joined Relocation Agent in 2018 and has quickly become an integral part of the company. She has a background in international communication and takes care of the key account management, supervises our freelancers in Hamburg and directly supports the clients with their relocation needs.

Ask Nele about: Visa, residence and work permit, house and office hunting, schools and kindergartens, drivers license exchange.


Relocation is our speciality!

Since 2015, we have relocated clients from more than 60 countries to Hamburg and Poznań.

  • Denis
    Moving to a new country is always a big challenge. You are facing enormous number of difficulties which must be overcome quickly and in a right way. I was a lucky one to have Relocation Agent support all the way started this springtime. I would recognize Nele, Jakob and Reinhold for their professional and, more importantly, friendly approach. My family always got timely and result oriented support needed for visa, insurance, registration, bank account, household and etc. Strongly recommended.
  • Graham
    Moving country is a stressful process, which has the potential to define your view of your new home. After moves to Singapore, Panama,and Barcelona without assistance, my wife and I (plus 1-year old baby) decided to search for a relocation agent to help us with our move to Hamburg. Immediately after making contact with Jakob/The Relocation Agent we were immediately impressed by the level of commitment and energy to ensure the move, and settling into a new home, was as effortless as possible. Jakobs team removed a large percentage of the stress and I would refer him and the team to other families seeking assistance with a relocation to Hamburg. One year after our move the team are still there to assist us when required, highlighting the level of commitment to ensuring their clients continue to enjoy their new home.
  • Niek
    When moving to Hamburg coming from another country and looking for a new home, Relocation Agent is all you need. Jakobs team is a super friendly and professional partner who always goes the extra mile to make sure you find your new home. They don’t stop there, but also guide and support with setting you up with internet, gas, water, banking and anything else that is needed. Relocation team didn’t only support finding a new home, but also during our time in Hamburg and when we left he was there to assist us to arrange all practicalities. The personal approach and really making sure you are happy with your new home makes the difference for me. I definitely recommend Relocation Agent!
  • Luiza
    When deciding to leave abroad you get overwhelmed with actions, pending tasks and information. Where to live?, what is the best school?... Happy we had Jakobs relocations team to help us! Very soon he understood our needs and expectations and managed to cover both. His team is fast and effective on providing all guidelines for a smooth process with the authorities and immigration offices. Teh agents are always reachable whatever time or day you need, they were there; which made us feel safe! With a strong knowledge they found the right place for us to live as well the best school for my daughter. They took good care of all interactions with the landlords, such as negotiation, paperwork and other practicalities as pre-check and keys handover i.e. Jakob, we were so happy to see you at the airport when we arrived. You helped my family with our dream, thank you!
  • Dhruba
    I am originally from India but relocated to Hamburg from France, Relocation Agent helped me with everything involved in my move. My main concern was finding an apartment, my agent Nele found one in a good location and helped in signing the contract and looking at the minor details. My experience was awesome, she was patient and also knew a lot about the local regulations- using the service makes things much easier, it would be great to have annual subscription plans, so we can always refer to our agent whenever we require additional support.
  • Eva
    We are very happy with the support we received from Jakob and the team. They truly care, they are professional and fast. Jakobs team is very friendly and resourceful - no matter what was the request, he always had some good recommendation or idea. Highly recommend!
  • David
    I was relocated to Hamburg from Oxford in England with my new company. Never having lived in Germany, we really did not know where to start. Jakob Sandach and his team from relocation agent took the time to sit down with us and understand our lifestyle and our needs in order to perfectly understand our requirements and concerns. Within a short space of time he found us the most stunning apartment and helped us completely organise our life over there. Not only that but he was available to guide us through registration but also the subsequent questions we had. Engaging Jakobs team the sole reason our move to Hamburg was an absolute pleasure. We could not recommend him highly enough!
  • Karsten
    We not only appreciated but even sincerely enjoyed the support of Relocation Agent Hamburg from pre-arrival until settling in. We arrived from overseas without a pre-visit just 10 days before school started in Hamburg. We were concerned that our son would miss the first days of school after summer holidays and also thought that finding a temporary housing with a dog would be a challenge. But the our relocation team managed everything easily. They took care of all details and there was always someone available to find a solution - no matter the issue. Without exception an excellent and individual support with a personal touch. Thanks a lot!
  • The Parkinson family
    We’re a family of 4 moving to Hamburg from Panama in June, 2018. Before moving here, we visited Hamburg briefly in March. The Relocation Agent team arranged house viewings for us as well as cooperated with the team taking us around and checking out the areas. One of those days was our daughter’s birthday and they gave her a surprise by leaving a sweet birthday present outside of our hotel room. This little touch was much appreciated and give us a good feeling about Relocation Agent. In June, when we officially moved here, from meeting us at the airport with a huge van, as little as where to eat, to shop, and to finally got everything set up, the agents have been super helpful and friendly. From house searching to all the paper works, they are always 100% devoted. Our transition wouldn’t have been so smooth without them. They're always there to help or answer questions even though it’s 9 months after they’ve done their service with us and nevertheless to say they’re super busy with their blooming business. Speaking to Jakob and his team is like speaking to a friend. They care about their customers so puts extra thoughts when employing his partners/ staffs in order to give the best service. After moving around 5 countries, we’ve seen a lot of agents and they’re the best so far. We highly recommend Relocation Agent and we wish them a successful future.
    The Parkinson family
  • Sophie
    Jakob and the relocation agency were such a huge help when I moved to Hamburg. Always friendly and professional, I got great tips about the city and the dreaded process of finding an apartment ended up being quite smooth, thanks to their constant support. It was also unvaluable to have someone who knew the different neighborhoods and could match them to my requirements. Thank you again!
  • Pablo
    My girlfriend and I came from Barcelona without any knowledge about Hamburg. Only after a few days in the city we realized that finding an apartment in Hamburg can be really tricky: there is high demand for a relatively small supply. Besides, we had an extra challenge that didn’t help in this process: a 40 Kg dog! That’s why we are so happy with Relocation Agent. The Agent was able to find several “dog friendly apartments” and helped us with the applications, which requires a lot of paperwork and time that you are not willing to spend when just started a new job. Eventually we found an apartment that met our requirements in a good location. He was also helpful in the process of city registration (tax ID, Social Security, etc.). Germany is known by its tedious bureaucracy (now I can confirm), so this was also really appreciated. As well as the knowledge about the city and the general moving requirements, I’d like to point out the flexibility of the Agent. He was always reachable whenever we had questions or wanted to follow-up on the status of our apartment hunting. He came with us to all the apartment viewings and spent some extra time showing us the neighborhood, which is key for getting the whole perspective of the potential new home. Totally recommendable!
  • Hemant
    Relocation-Agent was the best thing which happened to me before and after arriving to Hamburg. The promptness and active care which we get to ensure that we do not have slightest of discomfort is commendable. It was due to the hospitality and warmth, which doesn’t make us feel away from home. Since we are immediately made to feel like in a home, away from home. I would like to say the range of products and services which you offer are a complete package which on expat / relocator would need. Once doesn’t need to think beyond relocation-agent when they need any expert opinion / support.
  • Jad
    During my relocation to Hamburg, Relocation Agent were in every aspect one could think of when considering a relocation. From finding a house, opening a bank account, registering in the city or renewing my visa to many other services and recommendations that were crucial in making my first step into the country as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Vikram
    As with most other people, who live abroad for the first time, I had several questions, documents, endless paperwork and a lot of anxiety. The Relocation Agents helped me with the formalities even before I moved to Germany - whether it was the process to secure a visa, submitting documents at the embassy, searching for a temporary and a permanent accommodation and much more... There was a lot to do but they helped to simplify and make it as easy in as little time as possible. Those who have lived in Hamburg would agree that finding a good apartment in Hamburg is very difficult - you need a good source, someone with local knowledge, ability to convince and negotiate. Mona and Jakob were of great help in finding just the right apartment for us. I cannot begin to imagine how cumbersome it would have been without the support of the Relocation agent and their team and would highly recommend them to anyone relocating to Hamburg.
  • Sinead
    Relocation Agent was instrumental in helping us find our lovely home in Hamburg. From the outset, the Relocation Agent team was very professional, responsive and friendly. They have a genuine passion for work and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues.