Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence, and Dialogue with Time

Do colorful images arise in our minds, even when we are unable to see? Can we have a conversation without sounds or words? Is it only other people who get old, and if not, what does it feel like to get old? The Dialogue House opens their doors to the worlds of complete darkness, total silence, and aging, enabling you to experience the rich potential within them. Discover the incredible abilities that lie dormant within you. Broaden your horizon in our three fascinating exhibitions: Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence, and Dialogue with Time. If you are looking for an even more intense experience, you may want to try our Discovery Tour or the Dinner in the Dark event.

Children love to explore the unseen world and to discover silence at our uniquely designed birthday parties.

Our programme for schools thrills pupils and teachers alike and the experience of empathizing with others inspires sensitivity, enables children to learn in a playful way and reinforces togetherness.

Stepping out of the comfort zone: Are you looking for a way to offer your employees an exceptional experience, which will also strengthen your team? Dialoghaus Hamburg can offer you inspiring, excellently equipped rooms and training modalities for organizational development. Your teambuilding event becomes an empowering experience with the guidance of our expert trainers in darkness and silence.

Hotline 040 3096340 | Web www.dialog-in-hamburg.de

Opening Hours Mon-Fri 9 – 18 h, Sat 10 – 19 h, Bank Holidays 10 – 17 h, Sun closed

Address: Alter Wandrahm 4/Speicherstadt, 20457 Hamburg

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