Visa application and requirements

As first, applicants have to call for an appointment at the German embassy in the country they are currently registered. Please note, that the applicant will need about 3-4 weeks to collect all necessary documents. The KMK (Statement of comparability for foreign higher education qualifications) and the ZAV (federal employment agency) need about 2-3 weeks to proof your documents and to send the certificates to the applicants.

The embassies request the original ZAV-certificate. Please allow additional shipping time.

The applicants have to make sure that they have prepared all the documents for the appointment at the embassy. Incompleteness can lead to rejection of the application or to a postponement of the appointment.

The processing of the Visa-application usually takes about two weeks. After the Visa has been granted, the applicant will be informed by email or phone.

To apply for VISA the applicant will need the following documents as original and simple copies:

  • Proof of your professional qualification, e.g. University diploma with apostille:
    • For foreign degrees: Statement of comparability for foreign higher education qualifications. For foreign
      professional qualifications: certificate of equivalence (Detailed information about the process / Tab “KMK/anabin”)
    • Additional fee: 200,00 EUR / certificate
  • Filled in National Visa application form
  • Signed instruction acc. § 54 para. 2 no. § 53 Residence Act
  • One recent biometric passport photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm with a light background)
  • Passport and passport copy
  • Employment contract or written job promise of the employer with a job description as concrete as possible,
    which shows the amount of the monthly remuneration
  • CV in German language
  • If available, approval by the federal employment agency ZAV
  • Company employer information form
  • Health insurance certificate (travel health insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000 EUR or 50,000
    USD). The health insurance must be valid from the first day of the planned entry and cover the period of
    validity of the visa (usually 90 days). Exceptions are possible: You will be informed about the actually
    required duration of the health insurance within the scope of the visa procedure after your successful call.
  • Fee ca. 75,00 EUR
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