Providers and Communications

After the rental agreement is signed we can guide you through the setup of utilities and other service options. There is a variety of different providers for the necessary utilities, such as electricity, gas, and heating. We will be happy to show you the way through the diverse offers and look for the best choice for you. Our services include, for example, a comparative list of providers and their services, as well as associations that represent your interests. We can also check incidental expenses for accuracy potential savings and are available to advise you.
 In addition, there are other monthly charges, you should be aware of and schedule, i.e.:

  • Compulsory deductions for TV / Radio / Internet
  • TV / Radio
  • Landline phone connection
  • Internet connection
  • Mobile phone

There are various companies, whose prices we can introduce. Since we are not bound to any supplier, we can offer you a piece of fully independent advice.