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We are happy to announce, that we have added four new cities to our catalog, you may now also seek our services in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt Main and Lübeck – New places, same great service.
Services among others include home search, help with Visa application/authorities/immigration offices, seeking utility providers for your new home, setting up a bank account/insurances or leading you through the bureaucratic jungle of child benefit and Co.

Find a detailed overview about our services in our newest blog article.


For non-EU citizens, the first step to moving to Germany lays in obtaining a Visa. Depending on your home country and your purpose of stay, different factors must be fulfilled. Thanks to our broad experience, we can help you identify the right Visa to apply for and guide you through the application process.

Residence Permit

Once non-EU citizens have entered the country, they must apply for a residence permit. We help you set up an appointment with the authorities, gather the necessary documentation and guide you through the process. We will also accompany you to your appointment, to ensure everything to run smoothly.

Temporary home

For people moving to the city from further away, it may make sense to settle into a furnished temporary apartment and start house hunting from there. We are happy to help finding a suiting accommodation for the first few weeks in the new city. This way, you can settle in smoothly and find your ideal long-term home while already getting a feel of your new home base.

House Hunting

  1. The first step to finding your ideal home is to identify your needs. For whom is an apartment sought? Should it be a house or an apartment? What infrastructure should the surrounding area offer? There are many factors that need to be taken into account when finding the best possible accommodation for you. Fortunately, not only do we know what questions to ask to determine your needs, we also know the housing market and the city well and can help shed light on the chaos.
  2. After having identified your preferences, we go on the hunt to find your new home. Depending on the market situation and availability, we will provide you with suitable housing options to choose from.
  3. We organize appointments for visits and accompany them. Afterwards we support you in compiling the application documents, help here and there to optimize your chances and take over the “aftercare”.
  4. After having received the confirmation for your new home, the contract documents must be checked. If required, we happily entrust you with a specialist lawyer to consult.
  5. The last step after signing the contract is the transfer of the deposit and the first rent to the landlord. If necessary, we will advance these until you have a German bank account.
  6. On the day of handing over the apartment, we will accompany you on request and make sure that it goes according to your wishes. Welcome to your new home!

Utility Providers

After having signed your housing contract, you will have to register with utility providers, e.g. for electricity, water, heating, or internet/phone. We accompany you in selecting the right provider for your needs and in concluding a contract.

Home address registration

Registration of a home address is the key to receiving your tax ID in Germany. We help preparing necessary documents and accompany you to the appointment.


  1. School/Kindergarten:
    Do you need help understanding the German childcare/school system? We are happy to introduce you to it and guide you through application processes.
  2. Child benefit: 
    Under certain conditions, you are entitled to child benefit for your children. We will help you identify the requirements and successfully submit your application.
  3. Parental allowance: 
    When delivering a child in Germany, parents may be entitled to monetary benefits by the state. Let us help you find your way through the application process.

Other Services

  1. Bank account:
    We help you set up a German bank account at a bank of your preference. Thanks to our network we have English speaking contact persons in the biggest banks to refer you to, that will provide you with the best possible care.
  2. Insurances:
    As with the banks, we have access to trained, English-speaking staff in renowned insurance companies that put together the packages you need without talking you into unnecessary extensions. This includes health insurance, as well as liability insurance and household insurance among others.
  3. Exchange of driver’s license:
    If you are not an EU-citizen, you are only allowed to drive a car with your international driver’s license for the first six months after changing your registration address to Germany. In order to conduct legally after this period, an exchange of your license into a German one is mandatory. We are happy to help guide you through the process.
  4. Car registration:
    Bought or imported a car? Let us help you get it registered in Germany and hit the streets quickly.
  5. Translation of documents: 
    Sometimes official documents have to be translated and certified in order to be recognized by the German authorities. We take care of it.

Is there a service not listed you would like assistance with? Write us a message, to receive your individual offer!

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