How to verify that your degree is recognized in Germany for visa purposes

The recognition of your foreign university degree is often required for securing an Employment Visa, Job Seeker Visa or EU Blue Card for Germany. When applying for a visa, your university degree may have to be evaluated to make sure, it is comparable to a German degree.

Generally, you have two options of verification:

Option 1: Database “anabin”

In Germany, the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) is the central authority for the evaluation of foreign qualifications. As part of its service, ZAB maintains a database called anabin (Anerkennung und Bewertung ausländischer Bildungsnachweise – Recognition and evaluation of foreign educational certificates). The database documents information on foreign institutions and degrees.

Anabin will help you to find out if your university degree is recognized in Germany. To verify a degree you can check if your institution and your university degree are listed in anabin. Two requirements have to be provided: one regarding your university that has to be rated “H+” (The status “H+” means that the institution is recognized in Germany) and one regarding your specific degree that has to be recognized as equal or comparable.

  • you can search for your institution here
  • university degrees can be found here

Please note that anabin does not claim to be complete. Therefore, many institutions and degrees are not listed in the database yet. In this case, or if the information provided in anabin is not sufficient for your purpose, it is necessary to apply for a Statement of Comparability from ZAB.

Option 2: “Statement of Comparability”

ZAB issues the Statement of Comparability for foreign higher education qualifications. A Statement of Comparability confirms that your university degree is comparable to a German degree. It can be required when applying for a visa, but it can also facilitate access to the German labor market.

Information on the document and the application process can be found here.

General notes:

  • Documents in Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Polish or Spanish do not require a translation
  • Please do not submit original documents! They will be returned with the certificate evaluation but ZAB assumes no liability for unsolicited submitted original documents.
  • Fees: 200,00 € for the first application; 100,00 € for any additional application
  • Issuing time: usually three months, after the receipt of all required documents and after payment of the fee.
    • Exception: In the case of a Blue Card application, the issuing time is minimized to two weeks, given that all necessary documentation is complete, and the payment is received within seven working days after the issue of the invoice -> make sure to write “Blue Card” in the text field “Purpose of Application”

For further questions concerning the evaluation please contact ZAB:

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