Internationales Maritimes Museum

Experience more than 3000 years of maritime history in Hamburg’s oldest still preserved warehouse in the middle of the HafenCity district.
The “Internationales Maritimes Museum” / International Maritime Museum Hamburg offers a unique discovery tour across nine theme decks. The museum contains the world’s largest private maritime collection by Prof. Peter Tamm. It is the only place featuring a model of the “Queen of the Seas”, QUEEN MARY 2, made out of one million Lego bricks with light and sound. Or discover valuable ships made of gold, silver, and amber in the treasure chamber.



The big world of small ships – 40,000 miniature models show the development of shipping. Wind and waves, explorers and pirates, luxury liners and container giants – with more than 100,000 exhibits, the International Maritime Museum offers history and seafaring to touch.
An entire deck is dedicated to marine research. This is where the marine research institutes of the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) show their work. Samples from the seabed or films from the deep sea allow young and old visitors to discover our oceans in a completely new way.
Real seamen regularly guide visitors through the museum. These captain’s tours address various topics and are particularly popular. A further highlight: the professional ship’s command simulator on deck 1, where visitors can steer a 300-meter-long container ship into the port of Hamburg under the guidance of expert captains

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