Hamburg Energie

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Hamburg Energie. This collaboration merely involves a special offer for our customers and Relocation Agent Hamburg does not receive any monetary reimbursement/commission for the conclusion of contracts.

We are convinced of Hamburg Energie’s green energy-approach, their work ethics, and customer service, and therefore support this endorsement on our website.

Hamburg Energie is a gas and electricity provider founded by the city of Hamburg providing customers with 100% green energy. Not only is the provider known for its environmental approach but has won many awards in categories like “best customer service”, “best gas provider” and “best electricity provider” in Hamburg.

The company obtains their electricity from solar and wind energy in the Hamburg area and reclaims their organic gas from waste water. Hamburg Energie can also be considered a pioneer for its innovative usage of renewable energy by having introduced the “Energie Bunker” in 2013.

Energie Bunker

The former bunker has been completely modernized and generates enough electricity from the solar panels on the roof, providing an entire neighborhood with energy.

The waste heat of the neighboring industrial area is conducted and stored in the building, ready to be distributed to the consumer. Fun fact: The building can store up heat up to a volume of 2.000.000 liters/ 2.000 cubic meters.

Additionally, the Energie Bunker contains an organic block-type thermal power plant producing electricity and heat. And they even offer visitors guided tours through the building!

Café vju

At an altitude of 30 meters, the Energie Bunker set up a “room with a vju”. Among offering visitors a variety of snacks, cake, waffles, refreshing drinks and coffee, Café vju has a 360º panorama terrace with a perfect view of the city.

Why choose Hamburg Energie as my main provider?

First of all, we completely support the company’s approach towards renewable energy, especially in a time where global warming is a big concern.

Another benefit of Hamburg Energie is that since it is a public institution, all profits are being reinvested into the city’s development.

Furthermore, nowadays green energy can be obtained at very reasonable prices, it often costs less than conventional energy from nuclear or coal-fired power plants. Therefore, this company is not only a great choice based on your customer service experience but is able to compete pricewise with providers offering less service.

Last but not least, thanks to our collaboration with Hamburg Energie, all new customers referenced by us receive a 25€ gift voucher to spend at Café vju.

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