Hamburg Dungeon

The Hamburg Dungeon breathes life into the dark sides of Hamburg history in an entertaining way: professional actors slip into historical roles and take visitors on a journey through over 600 years of city history in a total of 13 interactive shows. For the past 17 years, the Hamburg Dungeon has been providing a gruesome backdrop with film effects and passionate actors and very special live entertainment. With a good portion of black humor, the actors give visitors a somewhat different history lesson and give them the feeling of being part of the eerie and comical world of the Hamburg Dungeon.

Whoever climbs into the “Elevator of Horror” embarks on a very special journey through time:
It is an experience to hold one’s breath, the audience flinches, laughs and each visitor is actively involved in the course of the historical events – and thus an actor of history himself. The professional actors take the guests with them into the dark years of the plague or on board a pirate ship to save Klaus Störtebeker from execution. The visitors flee from the Great Fire of 1842, experience the cruel torture methods of the 18th century, or defend themselves in the dock in front of the arbitrariness of the Inquisition – always with a wink of the eye and the opportunity for numerous laughter. City history to experience up close!

Since Easter 2018 you can experience the new show “Santa Fu” in the Hamburg Dungeon. In the middle of the 19th century, the Hamburg high-security prison Santa Fu was built in order to lock up the worst criminals in the hanseatic city. In the Hamburg Dungeon there is now the opportunity to enter Santa Fu and get a glimpse of the conditions. But curiosity can also be dangerous, because in Santa Fu the visitors will meet eerie characters. In one of the cells the prisoner is sitting in cell 13 and he sees very dangerous. One should not let him out of sight, because he was imprisoned because of cruel crimes in Santa Fu.

The Hamburg Dungeon is open daily from 10:00 am. A tour lasts about 90 minutes. Further information also online under

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