Taxes – Deductibility of relocation expenses

Very interesting for expatriates who are working and living in or considering re-locating to Germany is the tax deductibility of  work-related relocation expenses. Relocation expenses are work-related if you are moving from abroad to Germany, starting a new job in Germany the distance between home and workplace is significantly reduced i.e. traveling time shortened by
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Tax declaration and tax classes

In Germany, each employee has to pay income tax on all income for one calendar year. Each month, the companies/employers automatically transfer the tax from the gross salary to the tax office. They also deduct “solidarity surcharge” and, depending on the employee’s religious faith, “church tax”. Insurance for pension, health, nursing and unemployment insurances is
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Registration office

The knowledge of the German language is required for the online registration. The German language is helpful when registering with the authorities since many officials do not speak English or only insufficiently to clarify complicated matters. In order to register in Hamburg, an appointment at one of the registration offices is required. You can make
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For the payment of the salary, the tax ID must be transmitted to the employer. The tax ID is generated automatically at the time of registration and sent by post within 2-4 weeks by the tax office. It is possible to request the tax ID directly from the registration office a few days after registration.
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