Car registration in Hamburg (Import)

We highly recommend making an appointment with the LBV (German state authorities for road construction and traffic) before visiting the car registration office. Without an appointment expect several hours of waiting time.

Registration of import vehicle (used vehicle), for which you will need the following documents:

– foreign documents – in the case of foreign documents, a translation by a professional translator may also be required.

– COC paper (GFz) – Certificate of conformity (CoC), manufacturer’s certificate, proof according to ยง13 EG-FGV, data certificate of a technical service

– HU certificate – valid test certificate for last main inspection (if this was already due), if necessary proof of last safety test and exhaust emission test

– License plates – If the vehicle is registered, please bring the old license plates with you

– Motor vehicle tax SEPA direct debit mandate / Download link:

In order to levy motor vehicle tax, a SEPA mandate completed by the keeper is required when the vehicle is registered.

Identity card / passport: Passport with current registration confirmation or an identity card

Certificate of insurance – Electronic insurance confirmation number (eVB number). The car insurance provides this number with the insurance proposal before registering the car.

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