26 July 2022


The chocolate side of Hamburg – A delightful world of sweetness spanning 1,200 sqm Chocolate makes you happy! And the Germans know it, consuming on average […]
26 July 2022

Liability insurance

Anyone causing damage is held responsible for it. A personal liability insurance protects you from financial consequences. What damage can this insurance cover?
26 July 2022


For the payment of the salary, the tax ID must be transmitted to the employer. The tax ID is generated automatically at the time of registration […]
26 July 2022

Car registration in Hamburg

(Import) We highly recommend making an appointment with the LBV (German state authorities for road construction and traffic) before visiting the car registration office.
26 July 2022

Taxes – relocation expenses

Very interesting for expatriates who are working and living in or considering re-locating to Germany is the tax deductibility of work-related relocation expenses.
15 July 2022


Discover Hamburg’s World Cultural Heritage! Grippers, bales of rubber, coffee-sacks, sampling implements, pure cocoa, and spices: The Speicherstadtmuseum is located
15 July 2022

Tax declaration and tax classes

In Germany, each employee has to pay income tax on all income for one calendar year. Each month, the companies/employers automatically transfer the tax from the […]
14 July 2022

Rickmer Rickmers

RICKMER RICKMERS Hamburg’s floating landmark. How did the sailor’s life on board a freighter on its way to Hong Kong or South America look like? The […]
1 July 2022

Int. Maritimes Museum

Experience more than 3000 years of maritime history in Hamburg’s oldest still preserved warehouse in the middle of the HafenCity district.
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