Automuseum PROTOTYP

Automuseum PROTOTYP imbeds fascination and motorsports in an innovative exhibition concept.

People. Power. Car” is the motto of the PROTOTYP Automuseum in Hamburg’s HafenCity. It paints a comprehensive picture of living car passion: ingenious designers and daring racing drivers are presented as well as technical details of powerful engines and approximately 45 beautifully designed sports and racing cars from around 100 years of automobile history. The museum offers visitors the rare opportunity to get unusually close to the icons of engineering. Without glass or disruptive barriers, one can view the vehicles presented from all perspectives and discover many fascinating details.

Other experience highlights include the Porsche 356 driving simulator, in which you can make a few fast virtual laps yourself or the audio box with approximately 20 individually selectable engine sounds. Similarly impressive are the wind tunnel model for experimental exploration of aerodynamics and the integrated cinema showcasing documentaries of legendary automobile brands and famous races. The museum’s café “Erlkönig” is ideal for a relaxing “pit stop” with coffee and cake or delicious snacks and refreshing drinks!

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: Tuesday to Sunday; 10:00 – 18:00 o’clock.
Admission: adults 10,- Euro, children (4-14 years) 4,50 Euro, special exhibitions (each plus) 3,50 Euro

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