4 May 2023

School system in Hamburg

School system In Germany, the school system is organized by the states, this article will explain the model in Hamburg and shall inform parents about procedures […]
20 April 2023

Kita and day care

Day care In Hamburg, each child from one year until the start of school is entitled to free childcare of five hours per day including lunch. […]
11 April 2023

Hamburg pediatricians and healthcare

Navigating Healthcare for Children in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents Ensuring the health and well-being of your children while navigating a new healthcare system can […]
17 November 2022

Calculation of housing costs

When searching for a home in Germany, tenants will face terms such as “Kaltmiete”, “Warmmiete” or “Nebenkosten”. This blog article provides you with all the basic […]
15 November 2022

Getting around in Hamburg

Even if you leave your car behind, there are many ways to get around in Hamburg. The following article provides an overview of possible alternatives to […]
1 November 2022

Keeping a dog in Germany

Keeping a dog in Germany In Germany dog owners are obliged to fulfill certain requirements, these are regulated in the respective state in the dog law, […]
9 September 2022

Update 09-09-2022

In an effort to further educate ourselves in relevant areas, we participated in an in-depth seminar by an educational institution certified according to DIN EN ISO […]
22 August 2022

Tax assessment and transmission deadline

The majority of the countries adopted a self-assessment regime for income taxation. US- or British citizens for example have to file their income tax return and […]
21 August 2022

A new look

for Relocation Agent, or relocation at the highest level! With a revamped website and an innovative workflow system, Relocation Agent is changing to meet your requirements […]
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