Policy of cookies on the website www.relocation-agent.com

  1. What are cookies?

    Cookies are small IT data, mainly text files sent by a web server and stored on the end user device. In particular, they contain information about the subpages of our website that the user visited and the time of their storage on the end user device.

  2. Why are we using them?

    Mainly to adjust the content of the website, and therefore the content displayed to the individual needs of the user. They also help us in creating anonymous statistics, thanks to which we find out how our users use the website. This in turn allows us to determine in which direction to develop our website, so that it will work faster and be easier to use.

  3. Security

    Data collected using cookies can be collected only for the purpose of performing certain functions for the user, i.e. for example logging in to the website. Such data is encrypted in a way that prevents access to unauthorized people.

  4. Removal

    Please note that most browsers by default accept cookies on the end device. If the user wants to block cookies, he can change the settings of his browser. We reserve that turning off the use of these files may hinder the operation and functionality of the website. Information on cookies is available in the browser settings or on the website of its manufacturer.